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The Meaning of Life-Nozick Cont'd

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Nov 1611Continuation from Monday7 Meaning in an intrinsic form 8 All meanings together There is one possible way of having a meaning of life take all 7 and putting them togetherthe next chapter discusses death He quotes Frankel whom says its death itself that makes life meaningful Death considered to be something positive Frankel says that if our life were to go on and on what would you do We would continue to postpone things Death makes us realize that we only have so much time time to get meaningful things done This guy is not impressed by Frankels argumenthe says that all we need is to believe that there is death Frankel says it is death that makes like meaningful N says its the fact that we believe that we only have a limited amount of time When we believe that there are certain things that we would want to accomplishhe makes another criticism you could lead an everlasting life and still have goals They would just be a different kind of goals he then gets into theology He applies Frankels point of view to theology In mainstream theology God is either immortal or eternal God doesnt die either way according to Frankel if death makes life meaningful then God musent be meaningfulN makes the point that if you think life is what makes life meaningful you are then saying that death is in a way good N doesnt think that follows he makes an argument from an atomic perspective everyone at one point did not exist This idea doesnt bother people If that doesnt bother you then your future non existence shouldnt bother yo
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