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Lecture 5 notes+outline

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1185
Lee Wiggins

1Fall outline lecture 5 Taking a macro approachFor SOSC 1185 from L WigginsTaking a macro approach Gender as socially constructedmacro approach1What is a Focus on broader patterns of human behaviourthinking emphasizing societal level structural andor ideological factors instead of individual level as the main influences in shaping and determining our social attitudes and behavioursDoes provide insights into individuals but emphasis is on the big picture so social political economicenvironmental factorstheir influence on dominant ideology andor material organization of society Gendergender roles are not seen as the property of the individual or as resulting from individual level development but as part of a cultural historical ideologicalstructural influencesinteractions2Social Construction ApproachThe Gender PerspectiveInfluenced by Historical Materialism Social Feminism and Symbolic InteractionismHistorical MaterialismConflict theoryFocus is onWhat people produce and how they produce it emphasizes material conditionsMaterial conditions the concrete variables or factors that enable a society to survive and even thrive so the available resources environment level of technology production or economy and scientific knowledgeSociety a whole and different within a society due to different relations to mode of production initial focus on class to status and power relationsHistorical Materialism stressesImportance of historical change in material conditions resulting in movement from subsistence to exchange to expansion economy Importance of surplus leading to tradeexchange private property paternity and inheritance in establishing stratified class sexgender relationshipsThe stratification results in class conflict based on who controls the means of productionThe 3 economies1subsistence level economy collecting gathering huntingDoing what is needed to survive low level technology
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