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Lecture 8

MKT 304 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, Telemarketing

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MKT 304
Matthew Wilson

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Advertising Objectives:
Three main
To inform
To persuade
To remind
Informative Advertising
Introduce a new product
Communicate how your product creates customer value
Build brand image
Explain how something works
Inform about a price change
Persuasive Advertising
Compare to your competitors (aka attack advertising)
Build brand preference
Encourage switching to your brand
Convince consumers to tell others about your brand
Convince customers to purchase more
Reminder Advertising
Maintain that relationship with your customer
Remind customers where to buy
Remind customers when to buy
Keep brand in the mind of consumers.
Direct Marketing
Any direct communication to consumer designed to generate a purchase, a request for further
info and to visit the store or company website.
1. The use of marketing to collect, analyze and interpret info about your consumers,
2. Direct targeting (through the use of the info collected in step 1) of consumers.
Key forms of Direct Marketing
o Catalogues
o Direct mail
o Telemarketing
o Digital marketing: emails, social media, online advertising
Promotion is all about communication.
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