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Lecture 3

P R 321 Lecture 3: Quiz Part 2

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Iowa State University
Public Relations
P R 321
Christine Jensen

pg. 230 - There won’t be anything on the Broadcast chapter we skipped. 1. What are the six elements of new? a. SiLoBaTi + UnFa → significant, local, balanced, timely, unusual, famous 2. Which of the following are usually good ways to generate news for your organization? a. Public Issues b. Speech c. Making Predictions about Stock Market d. Personnel Announcements e. Lawsuits f. Awards 3. (T/F) Some journalists prefer to receive news fact sheets instead of press releases. 4. A news fact sheet provides the 5 W’s? a. Who b. What c. When d. Where e. Why f. + How 5. In addition to providing the 5 W’s which else are included in a news brief? a. A Thought Provoking Question b. Contact Information c. Quote with Attribution d. Benefit to Readers e. Background 6. (T/F) A media alert, also know as a media advisory, is to alert journalists about an upcoming something for an organization 7. (T/F) There are strict format for media advisories 8. (T/F) A story idea memo, also know as a tip sheet, is used to invite journalists to develop feature stories to write stories about interesting people in the organization. 9. Providing journalists with tip sheets on a regular basis usually results in the following: a. An irritated Journalist that doesn’t want to open your emails b. A strong relationship with the journalist 10. (T/F) 10 words is the average length of a lead 11. (T/F) News style is characterized as short paragraphs the enhance readability 12. What is capitalized? - Iowa State University will host President Barack Obama on Nov. 15. - The private investigator, Sherlock Holmes, will look into the case. - How old is Queen Elizabeth? - John Smith, is captain of the football team. 13. (T/F) A full sentence, direct quote or a multiple sentence quote should start a new paragraph 14. (T/F) In some circumstances, a quotations can be attributed to the organization. 15. Which of the following shows correct attribution? - Joe Jones said, “I arrived at noon.” - Mary Moore said, “She new nothing - absolutely nothing about the fraud” - “If I had it to do over,” Mike said, “I never would have taken the first drink.” 16. Which of the following sentences are written with objectivity? - Majority Scientists believe that climate change is real - Apple Inc. makes products that are better than its competitors 17. Precision is crucial in PR Writing, will these things h
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