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Rutgers University
History, American
Margaret Ingate

Donna KwonOctober 17 2008Mrs HannahSocial StudiesAmericas economy is suffering theres really no dispute about that Anyone who thinks otherwise should think again or take a look at the everincreasing gas prices House prices are dropping taxes are increasing and people are losing their jobs Why Im not going to tell you However what I am going to tell you is what the presidential candidates will do to our economy for better or for worseWhat Barack Obama is suggesting that we do about the economic problem is spread the wealth around In other words what he wants to do is take money from the rich and give to the poor At first glance this seems like a good idea doesnt it Why should the rich get loads of money when the poor are struggling for it right Wrong Should the people who worked exceedingly hard to get to where they are today have to pay up for the bad decisions and choices that high school or college dropouts made No not really The people working in successful companies and such got there because they worked hard At some point in their life they studied like heck They went to high school and college They really tried And you can always say Oh but I did too to which Ill reply Then why arent you the rich kid Dont you dare give me the excuse that It was too hard or Im too stupid Come tell me that after you spend days and nights studying and working ahead making sure you did your best in everything staying up til six in
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