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Lecture 4

THEATER 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: John Augustus Stone, Indian Removal Act, Edwin Forrest

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o Indigenous people don't refer themselves as "Native American" or Cherokee but
"humans of the ______ (area)"
Dramatizes Dutch settlers trying to take present day Manhattan from Lenape people.
o Takes 2 moments (long before founding of US/modernization) era
Boston Tea Party
o Starts separation of colonies from Europe
Dressed up as Indians (badly) to dump tea into sea
Appropriated notion of Indianness
Edwin Forrest (actor)
Sponsored contest for "best tragedy in 5 acts in which hero shall be an Aboriginal of
this country"
o First big ad for Native tragic play.
Winner was John Augustus Stone -- Metamora Last of Wampanoags
o Metamora meets Puritans and gets along at first (like most stories) as the
colonist began to escalate more greedy for land, warfare starts, and he shows
his dignity to be driven away.. Kills himself and his family so that he won't be
killed by the Pilgrims.
Celebrates Native people (dignity and heart) & also paints them as doomed (tragic
ending always)
Metamora premiered in 1829, 1 year later, Andrew Jackson signed Indian Removal
Act (forcefully removed) --> Trail of Tears
Hanay Geiogamah
Native American Theater Movement 1972
o Native written/produced play for NA roles.
"If you don't do it, then the white people will do it for you"
Theater is about showing ourselves to ourselves.
Shows the real version of ourselves instead of having others do it for ourselves.. Tells
their story.
o Stories are how human brain processes information.
Wall Street named after because it was used to keeps Indian out
o Start for us reclaiming who were are (Manahatta: Place where the Sun Rises)
o Present day Pearl Street -- East River of the Past
Flips typical story that we hear of founding of Manhattan that most believed to be
o Jane Snake comes back & conquers Manhattan again in a different way (Wall
Mode of conquering different than coming back to Manahatta?
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