I have three questions, I just need them checked to see if my answer was wrong or right question

1: Which organism, when replicating its DNA, will have only one origin of replication site?

a) mice

b) Humans

c) E. coli ​(this was my answer)

d) plants

Question 2: What function does DNA ligase perform in the cell?

A) covalently bond a 5’ hydroxyl to a 3’ polymerase

B) hydrogen bond the nucleotide bases together

C) covalently bonds a 3’ hydroxyl to a 5’ phosphate (this is my answer)

D) repairs DNA mutation

Question 3: In DNA replication, the term semiconservative means:

A) only one new strand of DNA is produced

B) each new strand produced pairs with itself, the old strands with themselves (This is my answer)

C) each replicated strand is made up randomly of old and new DNA

D) each newly replicated strand pairs with each old strand

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Bunny Greenfelder
Bunny GreenfelderLv2
29 Sep 2019

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