15 Dec 2018

1) In the major biosynthetic pathway, what is the order in which mRNA moves through the various organelles?

2) Compare and contrast the structure and function of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and the rough endoplasmic reticulum?

3) Is SAR1 COPI or COPII? What type of protein is this? What causes SAR1 to active and what protein is necessary for this to occur?
4) Dynamin binds where clathrin meets the plasma membrane. As dynamin binds, it forms a ring that is then pinched so that the vesicle can be released from the plasma membrane. What allows for this to occur?

5) What are three different mechanisms of protein translocation? Briefly describe the state of the proteins when translocated in each of these ways.

6) What is the KDEL sequence stand for and how does it function within the cell? What type of transport is it associated with?

7) In what cellular compartment would a glycoprotein be expected to have its greatest mannose content? Its greatest N-acetylglucosamine content? Its greatest sialic acid content?

8) Would you expect the properties of the cisternal side of Golgi membranes to be more similar to the extracellular or cytosolic side of the plasma membrane? Why?

9) ________ are the site of cellular digestion, in which digestion occurs with the help of 50 __________. _____ digest proteins and ____ digest lipids.

10) Name two proteins you would expect to find as integral components of the RER membrane that would be absent from the SER? Name two proteins of the SER that would not be present in the RER?

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Nelly Stracke
Nelly StrackeLv2
17 Dec 2018
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