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MUSI 1002 Midterm: MUSIC 1002 MOCK MIDTERM

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Carleton University
MUSI 1002
Alyssa Woods

Midterm exam notes 1) List two genres of Music that would have been considered popular in Adornos time o __________________ o __________________ 2) According to Frith and Mcrobbie ______________ was primarily consumed by girls. 3) Popular music is typically defined by o ______________________ o ______________________ o ______________________ 4) This DJ was important in the development of house music: ___________________ 5) What term best describes the following perspective: The dominant centre of our culture still reflects white, uppermiddle class, Wester, Heterosexual male perspectives? _________________________ 6) This Madonna video was banned from most stations in 1990: ___________________ 7) According to Firth and Mcrobbie, _________________ is an explicit, aggressive expression of male sexuality. 8) This Disc Jockey was credited with coining the term Rock n Roll: ___________________ 9) List the three main levels on which censorship can operate: o _______________________ o _______________________ o _______________________ 10)_____________________ allows for the transferability of image between different products and a range of media. 11)Schuker discusses the concept that independent labels create new styles and large corporations adopt and standardize them. He refers to this as _____________________________________ 12)Changes in sound format are connected to: o ______________________ o ______________________
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