BPK 143 Study Guide - Final Guide: Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Coronary Artery Disease, Spasm

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Study Questions
These questions are not exhaustive. They simply provide you with an example of
questions that could be asked in a final exam.
1. Describe the components of physical fitness.
Muscle Endurance
Muscle Strength
Cardiovascular endurance
Body composition
2. Describe the four principles of physiologic conditioning.
Specificity Principle
Overload Principle
Reversibility Principle
Individual differences Principle
3. Briefly explain the “open window” theory.
Due to very intense activity, your natural killer T-cells which fight
upper respiratory tract infection get suppressed giving you a
greater chance of infection
4. In aerobic training effects, what is the most important factor—training
intensity, duration, or frequency? Explain.
Intensity. It’s essential because if your intensity is too low, then
duration and frequency won’t matter. You still won’t reach your
proper overload point.
5. Using the FITTness formula, describe the components of an aerobic
weight-bearing (such as running) program for a 28-year-old female. Show
your calculations regarding exercise intensity. Be specific.
Frequency: 3-5 days a week
Intensity: use target heart rate zone of 0.65(220-28) to 0.90(220-
28) = 125-173 bpm
Type: jogging
Time: 20-60 min.
6. Using the FITTness formula, describe the components of an aerobic
swimming program for a 45-year-old male. Show your calculations
regarding exercise intensity. Be specific.
Intensity: 205-45 instead. So 104 to 144 bpm
7. Describe some common components of a warm-up program and a good
cool-down program.
Warmup: five minutes. Break a sweat. Get heart rate a little higher.
Cool-down: Stretching. Better to be moving. Keep moving until
HR drops below 100 bpm. 5 min.
8. Describe the physiological and psychological benefits of a warm-up prior
to an intense activity.
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