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Psychological Measurement (PSYC 3250) Exam preparation

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PSYC 3250
Christopher Upton

Intelligence TestsStanfordWAIS WISC WPPSI KABC Ravens Binet Adaptive Non Adaptive Non Adaptive Non Adaptive Partially Adaptive Non Adaptive Adaptive Non Adaptive 5 14 1512 or 7 depends on 3 Number of age Subsets Items Yes Yes One big clump Yes Yes No Verbal not separately Yes Yes grouped Yes Yes Yes Nonverbal performance mostly nonverbal items Scores GivenTotal IQ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes scoreVerbal IQ Yes Yes No Yes No No scoreNonverbal Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes IQ scoreIndividual Yes No No No Yes Yes subset scores Intelligence Tests Population Used InYes Yes No No No Yes AdultsYes No Yes Yes Yes ages 25125 Yes Children ages 515 Two age bands 25age 5 5 and 47 High High High High Some Some Validity High High High High High High Reliability Bias vs Fairness TableBias Fairness Test scores biased measure or to predictions based on Actions taken or decisions made Refers to test scores biased predictor Is based on statistical characteristics of scores or Is a value judgment regarding outcomes Based on predictions A characteristic of the numbers test or predicted A characteristic of peoples actions or A characteristic ofcriterion scores decisions
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