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SOAN 2120 Quiz: Quiz #2

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SOAN 2120
David Walters
Study Guide

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Quiz Known Questions
What is the purpose of the internals folder in NVivo?
- Primary research materials that you import or create in NVivo including any
combination of documents, PDF, audio, video, pictures, or data sets
Coding involves simultaneous activities what are they?
Mechanical data reduction and analytical data categorization
Professor morton looking at codes based off of themes already established.
Selective coding
Cases: Units of observation in your research study, might represent people, places,
events, organizations or other entities that you want to analyze and compare.
Chapter 5 & Module
Lynn and Thomas Richards: Who founded NVivo in 1980’s?
A code and Retrieve Process based program: What kind of program is NVivo?
Efficiency, doesn’t use paper: What are the advantages of NVivo?
Lots of data in different forms: What are the disadvantages of NVivo?
It focuses on revealing themes and concepts from data to get big pictures or “the spirit
subject”: Why is NVivo subjective?
Free nodes and Tree nodes: What are the two categories in NVivo according to
Free nodes: Themes not connected to other themes
Tree Nodes: Nodes organized in a hierarchical fashion, they are parent nodes, child
nodes, and parent/child nodes, try to avoid having more than 3 levels.
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