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Module3_Database Management Systems.docx

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Craig Kuziemsky

DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS DATA AND INFORMATIONDataraw facts describing characteristics of an eventInformationdata converted into meaningful and useful contextDatabasemaintains information about various types of objects inventory events transactions people employees and places warehouses DATA VS INFORMATIONData shares in a stock marketInformation how did a certain stock perform in the past How does the performance compare to other stocksFirms need to make their data easily accessible by managers and employees TRANSACTIONAL DATA AND ANALYTICAL INFORMATIONTransactional Data packing slips sales receipts etc are put into a database which then provides Analytical information trends product stats sales projections etcAnalystsFine Transactional Data ExecutivesCoarse Analytical Data TRADITIONAL FILE ORGANIZATION FileGroup of records of File same type RecordRecordgroup of related fields FieldFieldgroup of words or a complete number ByteBytegroup of bits that represent a single character BitBitsmallest unit of data binary digit 01Databasegroup of related filesEntityperson place thing event about which information is maintainedAttributedescription of a particular entityKey fieldidentifier field used to retrieve update or sort a record
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