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BIO2137Final exam questions ALLNote some of these questions will be modified as multiple choice or diagram type questions Plant Evolution and taxonomy1Define biological and phylogenetic species concept Main complication in biological species concept2What is polyploidy The role of polyploidy in plant speciation3List 4 main higher level classification units of land plants and describe their main characteristics4Compare in brief three life cycles zygotic gametic and sporic meiosis5List main characteristics of Bryophytes6List main characteristics of Ferns and club mosses7List main characteristics of Gymnosperms8List main characteristics of AngiospermsProkaryotes9Briefly describe principles of Rhizobium infection of plant roots10Describe benefits of Rhizobiumplant symbiosis for each symbiosis partner11What is the major evolutionary advance in cyanobacterial photosynthesis12Structure of filamentous cyanobacteria 3 types of cells and their function13What is heterocyst of cyanobacteria Its function and adaptation to perform this function14Ecological importance of cyanobacteriaFungi15List characteristics of true fungi16Fungalplant mycorrhizal symbiosis benefits to plant and fungal partners17Main differences between two types of mycorrhiza Briefly explain each type and specific fungal hyphae structures involved18Lichens name symbiotic partners and benefits to each organism involved in symbiosis19How do lichens reproduce sexual vs asexual 20What is bioremediation and why fungi are useful tool in bioremediation
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