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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTOASTRONOMY 101H1F MIDTERM TESTSOLUTIONSTHURSDAY OCTOBER 6 2011DURATION 45 MINUTESTOTAL MARKS 35NO AIDS ALLOWEDUTORID CIRCLE YOUR TUTORIAL SECTION BELOWMonday TuesdayWednesday0101Yevgeni0102Stephen0701 JD0702Eric1201Stephanie1202Nick10000201Yevgeni0202Stephen0801Nathan0802Eric1301Stephanie1302Nick11000301Charles0302Eve0901Nathan0002Eve1401JD1402Nick12000401Charles0402Eve1001Adam1002Dan1501Stephanie1502Dan13000501Yevgeni0502Stephen1601JD1602Dan1400601Charles602Eric1101Nathan1102Adam1500Instructions1ON THIS PAGE Fill in your UTorID eg smithm1 and circle your tutorial section2ON THE NEXT PAGE Fill in your name as it appears on ROSI your student number and your UTorID eg smithm13ON THE SCANTRON CARD Fill in your last name first initial and student number in the spaces given and using pencil darkly shade in the corresponding bubblesThen sign the card4For each multiple choice question mark your answer in pencil on the Scantron card by darkly shading the appropriate bubbleAll answers to multiple choice questions must be transferred to the Scantron cardUnder no circumstances will answers to multiple choice questions written on this paper be accepted5Answer short answer questions in the spaces providedAnswers written in pencil will not be remarked6Mark values are indicated with each question7Make sure that your midterm has 9 pagesAST 101 MIDTERM 1 FALL 2011PAGE 1 OF 9
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