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Final Exam Question 11 The prenatal period has been found to be a critical stage for the development of an individual The prenatal period refers to experiences that will affect an infant while it is still a fetus or in uteroBrain is developed at the time of conception and likewise other bodily development also begins at conceptionMany researchers have studied to see whetherlearning can take place by the unborn babyResearchers test to see if fetus will respond to unique experiences and to even check if postnatal infant retains the information exposed to while in uteroDue to rapid changes and growth within the prenatal period certain behaviours or experiences can cause an impact on the development of the individualIn my essay I will first demonstrate that behaviours of infants can be predicted while they are within the prenatal period and then discuss some of the positive and negative factors that may affect the development of the individual There are two methods through which a fetus receives information prenatallyauditory and tastesmellThe unborn baby will mostly receive auditory information from their mother and sometimes from other sourcesWhile in the placenta the unborn baby also needs to make sure that they are not drowned out by the mother heartbeat or other placenta noisesA second way information gets imprinted on to fetus in the prenatal period is through material found in the amniotic fluids in which the fetus is surrounded inEarly findings have shown that new born babies show a preference to their birth mother over other individualsFor instance infants will suck a pacifier to hear their mothers voice over a strangers voice DeCasperFifer 1980Another study concluded that infants whose mother read Cat in the Hat twice a day during last 6 weeks of pregnancy sucked to hear Cat in the Hat over The King the Mice and the Cheese DeCasperSpence 1986Although subsequent studies have indicated that it is not the specific words of the story but the rhythm that was learned by the fetus that prompted the infants
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