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The Midterm Exam Questions and Answers

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Social Science
SOSC 1940
Arthur Davis

MIDTERM EXAMINATION QUESTIONSSocial Science 19401Do you agree with Oliver or Lower on the worth of the study of Ontario for Canada Do you think the relation of Canadian and Ontarian identities matters with regard to our response to theeconomic political and cultural problems facing Ontario Choose 2 or 3 Contemporary Ontario Questionspage 26 in Kitto focus answer 2According to Innis what is the special quality of the economy of Ontario and the main underlying factors that have shaped itIn what ways do you think the Ontario economy is integrated with the economy of Canada and how is it different or separate from Canadas 3What kind of character and identity developed among the people of Upper Canada as a result of a pioneering and b fighting the war of 1812Do you think character and identity of this kind has any relevance in present day Ontario 4What was the conflict between the farmers and the merchants of Upper Canada which led to the rebellion of 1837Include a contrast of Creightons and Johnsons account in your answerHow was the conflict resolved in the following years and how did the conflict and its resolution shape Ontario in the long run 5 How did Ryersons founding of the Ontario education system begin the long process of the destruction of local government according to Johnson How would you describe the debate about the role of education in Ryersons time What role does education play today and what role do you think it could andor should play 6What were the essential features of the first or old national policy as an economic and political strategy according to Vernon FowkeInclude the role of the federal government in your answer How did the policy serve Ontario and how did it serve the other regions of Canada Can there be a national policy today 7What are the problems in the relationship of north and south OntarioHow did these problems emerge in the early development of the north and what do you think needs to be done to address the problems today Should we southern Ontarians want the North to be stronger than it is Why or why not What obstacles stand in the way of changed relations
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