BME 203 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Matlab, Matrix Multiplication, While Loop

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Naming variables: must begin with a letter, may contain letters, numbers and underscores (_, no spaces or punctuation marks allowed, only the first 63 characters are significant, case sensitive: the variables a and a are not the same. Use the info above accordingly to create a matrix if that is what is needed. Each item in an array is referenced in (rows,column) order. Variance mean() - average of the array median() - the number halfway into the array mode() - the most common array value std() - sample standard deviation. The standard *, /, and ^ operators are for matrix multiplication, division and exponentiation only. To deal with matrices on an element-by-element level use the following dot-operators: . ^ (recommended that you always use the dot-operators) The transpose operator ( ) changes all the rows of an array to columns and all of the columns to rows. When plotting multiple plots on a single figure.

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