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SOC 1301 Midterm: Sociology Midterm Exam Review Chapter 1

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SOC 1301
Alma- Kristina Tusini

Sociology Midterm Exam Review Chapter 1 Questions True False 1. Sociologists are in agreement that sociological research can and should be value free. b. False 2. Sociologists understand that there are multiple causes and effects of social issues. a. True 3. The sociological imagination helps us place personal troubles, such as losing our job or attempting suicide, into a larger social context, where we can distinguish whether and how personal troubles may be related to public issues. a. True 4. Middleincome countries are nations with highly industrialized economies; technologically advanced industrial, administrative, and service occupations; and relatively high levels of national and personal income. b. False 5. Sociology emerged in Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. a. True 6. American sociology grew along with European sociology during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. b. False 7. The early sociologists were in agreement that human behavior could be studied using the same techniques used in the natural sciences. b. False 8. According to Durkheim, social facts can only be explained by other social facts. a. True 9. Although he founded functionalism and its emphasis on social order, sociologist Emile Durkheim observed that rapid social change and a more specialized division of labor produced strains leading to a breakdown in traditional organization, values, and authority. a. True 10. Because of his radical views and his emphasis on social action, not just the study of society, the work of Karl Marx has been largely discredited today. b. False 11. In regard to negative consequences of industrial society, sociologist Max Weber was more concerned about the impact of rational bureaucracy than of class struggle. a. True 1
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