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Chapter Judaism

RELS 1002 Chapter Notes - Chapter Judaism : Names Of God In Judaism, Messiah In Judaism, Active Intellect

Religious Studies
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RELS 1002
Alexander Treiger

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Reading Notes:
13 Foundations of the Ramba’m:
1st foundation: believing in the existence of the Creator and believing that he
is the cause of all that exists. HaShem needs nothing for himself however the
universe and everything else needs him.
2nd foundation: believing that HaShem is one as in there’s no other god or
force like him
3rd foundation: HaShem is not a physical form so he can’t be compared to
physical bodies. He doesn’t sit, walk, etc however we use these terms in a
metaphorical sense and so that we-humans-can understand
4th foundation: He is the first as in the first of everything
5th foundation: to serve, ascribe greatness and fulfill the commandments of
nothing/nobody else but Him. Not even the angels, stars, elements, etc.
6th foundation: prophets and prophecy--- strong connection to the (heavenly)
active intellect
7th foundation: the prophecy of Moshe (Moses). Some things that distinguish
Moshe from other prophets
o HaShem spoke directly to Moshe w/o intermediary
o Moshe received his prophecy by day and not in a dream or vision
o Moshe didn’t treble or feel tired or fearful after receiving his prophecy
because of his attachment to the intellect (HaShem)
o Moshe could receive his prophecy when he willed it unlike other
prophets who only received there’s when HaShem wished/allowed it.
8th foundation: The Torah is from heaven. The words are from the mouth of
the Almighty but were given to Moshe to memorize and eventually write
9th foundation: there’s nothing other than the Torah transcribes by Him and
that we should not add or remove from it.
10th foundation: God watches over mankind and gives to every person
according to their actions
11th foundation: God rewards those who follow Torah and punishes those
who violate its prohibitions.
12h foundation: is the time of Moshiach (who possess advantages and
superiority that no king has). This time should not be calculated and we
should wait until he comes and never believe he is late.
13th foundation: is the resurrection of the dead who are righteous only.
If you believe ALL of the foundations than you enter the community of Israel.
However if you don’t accept even one of the foundations than you have left the
community and are called a “min” and “apikorus” (2 terms for the heretic).
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