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Chapter 1-6

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PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

Chapter 1Cognitive psychology the actionfaculty of knowing o Low level processing sensory information little to no analysis eg Hot cold red green oHigh level processing Making sense of informationDialectics o Thesis A statement ex Everything about humans is predetermined at birth o Antithesis An opposing statement ex Everything about humans is a product of their environment o Synthesis The mediated view ex Humans are affect both by predetermined factors at birth and as a result of their environmentsRationalism o Major names Plato Descartes o The truth about the world is within your headEmpiricism o Major names Aristotle Locke o The truth about the worlds lies within the worldStructuralism o Major names Wundt o Understanding behavior by understanding the structures of the brainFunctionalism o Understanding behavior by understanding mental processesAssociationism o Major names Ebbinghaus and Locke o Mental processes operate by the association of one state with a successor stateBehaviorism o Major names Watson and Skinner o All behavior arises as a result of reward and punishment actionreactionBehaviors that lead to a more pleasing state of affairs is more likely to occur than a behavior that leads to an annoying state of affairsPositive reinforcement You do well on a test and you are given money for itNegative reinforcement You have a headache you take Advil and your headache goes away You take Advil whenever you have a headache as a resultPositive punishment You are speeding in the car and you are given a ticketNegative punishment You were speeding and so your parents take away your car keys o Issues with behaviorism
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