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Chapter 10

MHR 523 Chapter 10 Test Bank

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MHR 523
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c10Student 1 In compensation administration pay is called A indirect compensationB absolute compensationC direct compensationD relative compensationE equity compensation 2 In compensation administration benefits and services are referred to as A indirect compensationB equity compensationC absolute compensationD direct compensationE relative compensation 3 Benefits and services are referred to as indirect compensation because A they are based on critical job factors or performanceB they are given indirectly rather than appearing on a pay chequeC they cant be spent like moneyD they are usually extended as a condition of employment rather than directly related to performanceE they are paid out to other family members 4 In compensation administration benefits and services seek to satisfy several objectives including A societal objectives onlyB organizational objectives onlyC employee objectives onlyD both societal and organizational objectivesE three objectives employee societal and organizational 5 Benefits and services amount to overof the average Canadian firms total payroll costs A 15 percentB 25 percentC 30 percentD 40 percentE 50 percent 6 Some of the benefits of indirect compensation to employers usually include all the following except A reduced employee fatigueB satisfied employeesC reduced turnoverD enhanced recruitmentE increased labour unrest 7 Benefits that employers gain from indirect compensation usually include A increased turnoverB higher overtime costsC increased labour unrest andor moves to unionizeD assisting recruitment effortsE increased worker fatigue 8 The objectives of society organizations and employees have encouraged rapid growth of benefits and services in all of the following areas except A income securityB life insuranceC employment insuranceD timeoffE retirement plans 9 The basic types of benefits and services include those that are A legally requiredB demanded by employeesC low costD required by union contractsE deal with health matters 10 One of the reasons legally required benefits and services are important to human resource departments is A the organization holds the human resource department responsible for meeting legal obligationsB failure to obey legal requirements can decrease absenteeism and turnoverC failure to meet legal obligations can result in organizational savingsD failure to meet legal requirements is one of the major causes of unionizationE they replace voluntary organizational benefits 11 Sources of financial protection provided workers by government legislation include all of the following except A minimum wage actsB human rights actsC Canada Pension PlanD workers compensation actsE Employment Insurance 12 The Canada Pension Plan and the Quebec Pension Plan are both contributory plans which means that A only employees contribute to the plansB only employers contribute to the plansC both the employer and the employee pay part of the costD employers only have to contribute if they wish toE employees may withdraw their contributions by dropping out of the plans 13 The Canada Pension Plan is all the following except A mandatoryB portableC contributoryD guaranteedE applicable to all employees in Canada 14 In 1999 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that governments cannot limit benefits by discriminating against A samesex couplesB commonlaw oppositesex couplesC all commonlaw relationships both samesex and oppositesexD commonlaw samesex couplesE elderly couples 15 Unemployment insurance was started in Canada in 1940 and was further significantly modified by the Unemployment Insurance Act of 1971 in 1995 the concept was officially renamed A unemployment assuranceB unemployment insurance 1995C employment insuranceD employment equityE guaranteed income supplement GIS
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