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Chapter 2

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SOC 103
Sal Guzzo

Chapter 2 Connecting Theory and Research -Conflict Theorist: generally concerned with struggle over scarce resources by different groups in society and how elites use power to control the less powerful. - Functionalist Perspective: Would be interested in the smooth functioning of society. (ex. how families contribute to social stability) - Both of these are considered macro theories and they ask large questions. - Symbolic Interactionism: micro perspective, face to face encounters and meanings that people use to facilitate in social life. - Quantitative: research with numbers. - Qualitative: research focuses on explaining social behavior. More in depth, smaller samples. - Inductive Logic: moves from data to theory - Deductive logic: Theory to data. Quantitative Style. Steps in the Research Process - Sociologists follow Scientific Method: systematic approach researchers follow in their quest for answers to a research problem. - Hypothesis: a statement about a particular relationship that can be tested - Independent Variable: variable that the
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