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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Solweig Balzer

Multiple Choice1The meteorologist who formally proposed the Theory of Continental Drift was aF J VinebJames HuttoncAlfred WegenerdD H Matthews2The theory of continental drift was initially rejected by many American scientists because athere was overwhelming evidence against itbfew scientists believed it possible for the continents to move over a solid earthcthe earth was considered to be too young for the continents to have moved any appreciable distancedthe positions of the continents on ancient maps were the same as on modern maps3The lithosphere ais partly molten and plastic in consistencybwas discovered by studying the behavior of seismic waves generated by earthquakescextends to an average depth of about 300 kilometersdis thickest under the continents thinnest beneath the oceans4The asthenosphere lies entirely within athe ocean ridgesbthe upper mantlecthe lower mantledthe lithosphere5The study of paleomagnetism has revealed thatathe earths outer core is mostly liquid ironbdrifting continents follow the earths magnetic lines of forcecearths magnetic field has reversed many timesdthe rocks of the sea floor are less that 200 million years old6The origin of earths magnetic field is probably due toathe presence of iron in the inner corebelectric currents in the fluid outer corecmagnetized minerals in the crustdferromagnesian minerals in the mantle7Ocean floor rocks on opposite sides of an ocean ridge show16aopposite direction of magnetizationbsymmetrical and alternating bands of normal and reverse magnetization cthe same direction of magnetization dno consistent pattern of magnetization8Relative to continental crust ocean floor crust isamuch olderbslightly oldercmuch youngerdthe same age17
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