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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Consumer Behaviour Notes

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 2600
Lianne Foti

Chapter 9 Consumer Behaviour CommunicationConsumer Behaviour 7KH6RXUFHDVWKH0HVVDJHQLWLDWRUThe sender as the initiator of the communication can be a formal or informal source Formal Source represents either profit commercial or a notforprofit organization Informal Source Include people who influence ones consumption via online social networksweb forums and also personal friendsfamily of receiverMarketers must always encourage positive word of mouth ImpersonalInterpersonal Communications Impersonal Communications Organizations that developtransmit appropriate messages through heir marketing departments advertising or PR agencies and spokespersonsInterpersonal Communications The senders can be either formal persons salesperson in a physical retail store or informal source peers with whom the consumer communicates face to face with Sources credibility will be key factor underlying the persuasive impact of messageSource CredibilityWhen source is well respected and highly thought of by the intended audience the message is much more likely to be believed Reference GroupsGroups that serve as frames of reference for individuals in their consumption decisions bc they are perceived as credible sources Normative Reference Groups Reference groups influencing broadly defined values or behavioursEg Childs normative reference group would be hisher immediate family Comparative Reference GroupsReference groups serving as benchmarks for specific or narrowly defined attitudes or behaviour Eg Upperlevel executive whos lifestyle clothing and possessions appear admirable and worthy of imitation Membership Group A group to which a person either belongs or would qualify for membershipPoker group at work Symbolic GroupActs like a member by adopting the groups values attitudes and behaviour Amateur tennis player playing with pro tennis players The Credibility Dynamics of Informal SourcesWordofmouthA wordofmouth encounter may have indeed start by 1 party offering advice or info about a product to another might become the opinion receiver later onparty BUT the opinion leaderEg New father considering purchase of car seat sought info from other people in deciding on brandLater he is pleased with purchase and tells other people 7KHRUGRIPRXWKQYLURQPHQWH20Constantly emerging new technologies allow people to compile and post increasingly sophisticated appealing and attentiongetting materials online and vividly share their consumption experience with others both virtually and verbally Social NetworksRecent study showed 3 dimensions underlying consumers engagement in eWOM1 Tie strength degree of intimacyfrequency of contacts between info seekersource2 Similarly Among the groups members in terms of demographicslifestyle3 Source Credibility The info seekers perceptions of the sources expertise in area of sought advice Brand CommunitiesOnline forums that focus on particular productsbrands Eg Harley Davidson PEZ CandyUsually admirers w nostalgic emotions Marketers might join but could be disadvantageous bc brand community members have joined the forum to interact w other consumers and may view marketer as unwanted outsider
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