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CH5, Services Marketing, 1st Canadian Edition

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Michael Guolla

Customer Perceptions Perceived service in the Gaps model Perceptions are relative to expectations Satisfaction vs Service Quality Service qualityfocussed evaluation reflecting customer perception Perceptions of reliability Assurance Responsiveness Empathy Tangibles Satisfaction is more inclusiveinfluenced by perception of service quality product quality Price situational factors personal factors Transaction vs Cumulative Perception Transaction is isolated encounter Building blocks for cumulative experience Customer Satisfaction What is Customer Satisfaction Satisfaction is consumers fulfillment response Customers evaluation as to whether the service has met needs and expectations Satisfcation is dynamic Service experiences take place over time What Determines Customer Satisfaction Product and Service Features Customers make tradeoffs between service features Price for quality Consumer Emotions Preexisting Mood Life satisfaction Induced by consumption experience Service actor Other customers Attributions for Service Success or Failure Is surprised negative or positive will look for reason Often blame selves or circumstances beyond control Often presume that the circumstance is rare Perceptions of Equity or Fairness Compare with other customers
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