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Chapter 14

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ADM 3326 Chapter 14Sales PromotionSales Promotion PlanningSales promotion potentially allows brands to achieve multiple objectives or provides the opportunity to enhance the IMC planCharacteristics of Sales PromotionSales promotion has been defined as a direct inducementencouragement that offers an extra value or incentive for the product to the sales force distributors or the ultimate consumer with the primary objective of creating an immediate saleFirst sales promos involve an inducement that provides an extra incentive to buyoThis incentive is usually a key part of the promotional program it could be a coupon price reduction or an opportunity to enter a contest or sweepstakes Secondly sales promos are essential an acceleration tool designed to speed up the buying process of consumer and maximize sales volume oBy providing extra incentive sales promo techniques can motivate consumers to purchase a larger quantity of a brand or shorten the purchase cycleTypes of Sales PromotionsConsumer sales promotion includes sampling couponing premiums contests and sweepstakes refunds and rebates bonus packs etc oThese promos are directed at consumers the end purchasers of the goodservice Trade sales promos include dealer contests and incentives trade allowances pointofpurchase displays sales training programs trade shows cooperative advertisingoThese are designed to motivate organizations in the distribution channel to carry manufacturers productsThe trade sales promos use a push strategy the goal of the push strategy is to convince reseller they can make a good profit on a manufacturers product so they order the merchandise and push it through to their consumersoIf was have decent relationships with channel member we will use this strategyoIf we have limited funds will also use this the advertising and promotion needed for a pull strategy to work is usually expensive Consumer sales promos use more of a pull strategy they basically make the consumer want the product the retailer has to buy itPull the retailers towards usoIf we have unique products or a product superior to competing brands it is easier to implement a pull strategyGrowth of Sales Promotion
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