Lecture 22 - Chapter 22 Key Terms

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Chapter 22 Key Terms N coarse-filter o Of or referring to an approach to conservation biology that focuses on habitats, landscapes, and ecosystems. Compare fine-filter. N conservation biology o The scientific study of phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biodiversity. N ecosystem services o Natural processes that sustain human life that depend on the functional integrity of natural communities and ecosystems. N evolutionarily significant unit o An appropriate target of management within a species (e.g., subspecies, populations) as determined by genetic analyses; also called a management unit. N extinction vortex o A pattern in which a small population that drops below a certain size may decrease even further in size, perhaps spiraling towards extinction; an extinction vortex results from the vulnerability of small populations to chance genetic, demographic, and environmental events. N fine-filter o Of or referring to an approach to conservation biology that focuses on genes, populations, and species. Compare coarse-filter. N flagship species o A charismatic species that may be emphas
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