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Chapter 1-5

PSYB10 - Chapter 1 - 5th edition - B10 - Page-Gould {Complete}

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 1p3WHAT IS THE PSYCHOLOGISTS TASK attempt to understandpredict human behav IN THIS BOOK looking at how soc psygists go about with attemptbc diff psygists do so in diff ways p51WHAT IS SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY at core of soc psy is phenomenon of SOCIAL INFLUENCE SOCIAL INFLUENCEinfleunce by other ppl WHAT EXAMPLES COME TO MIND WHEN WE THINK OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE direct attempts at persuasion one person intentionally trying to change anothers behavex ad campaigns that use complex techniques to persuade viewers to buy their particular brand ex election campaigns similar techniques used to get vote for political candidateex friends making us do sth we do not want to doex have another beer everyone else is doing itex bully uses force to make inferior kids give them lunch completed homework 2SOCIAL INFLUENCE extends beyond explicit behav but also includes thoughts feelings and openly done actionsinfluence more comprehensive than just one person trying to change anothers behavtakes on many forms other than intentional attempts at persuasionex get influenced by this individual merely by his presence in my house or within my mind at that time 3 SOCIAL PSYGISTS interest studying howwhy thoughts feelings and behavs are shaped by entire soc envirnmtAllport 1985SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYscientific study of way in which ppls thoughts feelingsbehavs influenced by REALIMAGINED presence of othersTHE POWER OF SOCIAL INTERPRETATION1SOCIAL PSYGY concerened w how ppl are influenced by their interpretation aka CONSTRUAL of their soc envirnmt this is what makes it differ from other disciplines that try to study soc envirnmt bc typically they want to see how ppl are influenced by soc envirnmt ex sociology anthropologyCONSTRUALway in which ppl perceive understandinterpret the soc world Lewin 1943to get to understanding how ppl influenced by soc world soc psygists believe thatmore crucial toa understand how ppl PERCEIVE COMPREHENDINTERPRET SOC WORLDthanb understand objective props of social world itselftruthful factual info not based on ones feelings thoughts or emotions 2CONSTRUAL CONSTRUAL soc psyway in which ppl perceive understandinterpret the soc world ex Jury trialWHY IS CONSTRUAL IMPT ex consider the jury trialverdictdecision on disputed issue in criminal case prosecutorperson who initiates legal proceedings against some1hingedepends entirely onregardless of how convincing evidence prosecutor has final verdict always depends entirely on precisely how each jury member construes interprets that evidencethese construals their perception understanding and interpretation may dep on variety of eventsperceptions that maymay not have objective not influenced by personal feelingsopinions relevance to caseif not objective then subjectiveOJ Simpson trial Mark Edward Grant killing of Candace Derksen despite objective evidenceunsolved murder for 26 yrssupplied police finally found DNAdNAevidence that links Grant to thishair and fibre samples crimejury decided in favour of OJ Grants lawyer argued that DNA prosecutor lostOJ declared to evidencebe nonguiltyproved merely that Grant was there at that loc but not necess the killer contaminated which seems reasonable bc case investigators did not wear proper attire when handling the evidence
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