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SPANISH SPA100Y1 NOTES CHAPTER 3 (3.1) POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES In Spanish, just like in English, possessive adjectives exist. They are words that indicate possession towards a person people. Unlike in English however, the possessive adjective can either be singular or plural depending on whether the noun that follows it is singular or plural. It should be noted that for our and your (plural), the possessive adjectives can be either masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of the noun that follows it. SINGULAR PLURAL NUESTRO(s Mi libro ) Nuestros clases MY MI(s) (My book) OUR (Our classes) NUESTRA(s ) Tus compleanos VUESTRO(s Vuestra profesora YOUR (sing.) TU(s) (Your birthdays)R (plur.) ) (Your professor) VUESTRA(s) HISHER or Su lapz Sus vacaciones YOUR SU(s) (HisHer THEIR SU(s) (Their vacations) (formal) pencil) (3.2) CARDINAL NUMBERS (from 100 to 1000) 100 cien 600 seiscientos(as) 101 ciento unouna 700 setecientos( as) 102 ciento dos 800 ochocientos(as) 200 doscientos(as) 900 novecientos(as) 201 doscientos uno 1000 mil 300 trescientos(as) 1001 mil uno 400 cuatrocientos(as) 1100 mil cien 500 quinientos(as) 1101 mil ciento uno
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