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Jennifer Komar

BU288 Lecture 17Ch 10 CommunicationTues Nov 13 2012COMMUNICATIONCommunication the process by which information is exchanged between a sender and receiverInterpersonal communication exchange of info between peoplesimplest prototype is a 1to1 exchange between 2 individualsThe sender must encode his thoughts into some form ex writing speech that can be transmitted to the receiver The receiver must perceive the message and accurately decode it to achieve accurate understanding To provide feedback it involves another communication episode that tells the original sender that the receiver receivedunderstood the messageA poor email system can lead to ineffective transmission type wrong lead to improper encodingEncoding and decoding may be prone to more error when the message is inherently ambiguous or emotional because the 2 parties may have different perceptions of the facts at handEffective communication the right people receive the right info in a timely mannerThinkingencodingtransmittingperceivingdecodingunderstandingBASICS OF ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATON1 Communication by Strict Chain of CommandChain of command lines of authority and formal reporting relationshipsmanager over supervisors over production workers etc under this system 3 forms of communication can be accomplishedDownward communication information that flows from top to bottom of organization vicepresidentworkerUpward communication info that flows from bottom toward top of organizationex chemical engineer may conceive a new plastic formula pass this onto research manager who informs vice presidentHorizontal communication information that flows between departments or functional units usually as a means of coordinating effort Within a strict chain of command such communication would flow up to and down from a common manager ex a salesperson gets an idea fro a new product from a customer it would be transmitted up to and down from the vicepresident of marketing and research the common managers for these depaermentsDirectives and instructions usually pass downward through the chain of command and ideassuggestions pass upward Formal chain of command is an incompleteineffective path of communication2 Deficiencies in the Chain of CommandManagers recognize that sticking strictly to the chain of command is ineffectiveInformal communication chain of command fails to consider this Informal communication can help people accomplish jobs more effectively It can also spread unsavory inaccurate rumoursFiltering tendency for a message to be watered down or stopped during transmission oDouble edged sword on one hand workers must filter information But too much filtering will preclude the right people from getting the right information and the organization will sufferoUpward filtering occurs when workers are afraid that their boss will use information against themoDownward filtering is due to time pressure simple lack of attention to detail or to maintain authority because information is powerSlowness chain of command can transmits info faithfully but slowly especially for horizontal communication not good for reacting quickly to customers Crossfunctional teams and employee empowerment can improve communication in these areas by shortcircuiting the chain of commandInformal communication recognition of filtering and time constraints allow organizations to develop channels of communication beyond the strict chain of commandVoice Silence and the Mum EffectVoice the constructive expression of disagreement or concern about work unit or organizational practicesVoice refers to speaking up and contrasted with silence which means withholding relevant informationWhen voice is not morally or legally required it can be considered organizational citizenship behaviour than enables company to learn and change
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