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Chapter 4

Lecture 4 - Chapter 4 Job Analysis

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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Indira Somwaru

Chapter 4Lecture 4What is a Joba group of related activities One job many positionsPositionthe activities performed by only one employeeJob Familya group of individual jobs with similar characteristics HR Accounting MarketingJob Descriptionstatement of task duties and responsibilities of a job to be performed Once Ive done a job analysis I can write a job description Job analysisjob descriptionrecruitmentselection All these can Performance appraisalbe done with a job Training and developmentskillsdescriptionCompensation managementwhat rates to give each jobJob analysisprocess of capturing information about various aspects of a job tasks duties responsibilitiesPurpose of a job analysisimprove organization performance and productivity Performing job analysis1Select jobs to be studiedanalyseddone when a new company is starting up or when a company is going through a change downsizing new technology2Determine the information you are going to collect tasks duties responsibilities skills required education background3Who To collect data from a employee b the manager4Method of data collectioninterviewsquestionnaires 5Verify with supervisor6Write job descriptionMethods of Job Analysis1Interviewsnonverbal feedback intimidationprobe time consuming costlyMost popularbiasthese days
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