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Chapter 1

HRM 3470 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Performance Appraisal, Job Analysis, Human Resources

Human Resources Management
Course Code
HRM 3470
Mary Jo Ducharme

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Chapter 1
What are “Best Practices” in Recruitment and Selection?
You want to be contributing to the organizational goals and
objectives - You want to link your selection practices with the
overall strategy of the organization. To do this you need to
know the strategy, if you’re privy to it.
Use valid and reliable measures.
Your selection system has to be legally defensible.
If your selection system is reliable and valid (based on a sound and
solid job analysis), then you can expect from your selection system:
Reduce employee turnover and increase productivity
Increase in productivity through performance appraisal
with accurate information.
Are responsible for up to 15% of a firm’s relative profit
Correlate with an organization’s long-term profitability and
productivity ratios
Help to establish employee trust
Improve the KSA’s of current/future employees
Recruitment – trying to generate an applicant pool for a specific
position. Recruiting in certain areas to recruit certain people (fluent in
Selection – from applicant pool have to decide who is worthy of the job.
Choice of job candidates from a previously generated applicant pool in
a way that will meet management goals and objectives as well as
current legal requirements. – Interview, cognitive ability test
oHiring at entry level from applicants external to the
oPromotion or lateral transfer of people within the
oMovement of current employees into training and
development programs
Effective recruitment and selection practices can mean the difference
between an organization’s success or failure.
Effective recruitment and selection practices identify individuals with
the appropriate level of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES and OTHER
requirements needed for successful performance in a job or an
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