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22 Apr 2012
Tailoring Marketing Communications to Customers
o Promotion: The coordination of a marketer's communications efforts to influence attitudes or
behaviour toward a product or service
o Marketing Communications: Informing consumers and customers about the relative value of
products, and developing trust and other relational bonds that facilitate ongoing exchange
o Communication:
Informs consumers about new goods and services and where they can obtain it
Remind customers to continue using the products
Persuade consumers to choose one product over others
Create complex brand images and identities in the minds of consumers
Build relationships with customers
Communications Strategy:
Integrated Communications Strategy:
o Coordinating Communications Messages:
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): IMC is the practice of unifying all marketing
communication tools and corporate and brand messages to communicate in a consistent
way to and with stakeholder audiences
o The Emerging IMC Perspective:
Focus on customers need for communications
Rely on the use of a customer database
Strive to send consistent messages
Roadblocks to IMC:
o People are reluctant to change
Communications Theory:
The Communications Model:
o Communication Model: The elements necessary for meaning to be transferred from a sender to a
o Encoding: The process of translating an idea into a form of communication that will convey
o The Source: The organization or individual that sends the message
o The Message: The communication in physical form that goes from a sender to a receiver
AIDA Model: Communication goals of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action
Type of Appeal: Rational, Emotional
Structure of Appeal: Supportive arguments, One Sided Arguments
o The Medium: A communications vehicle through which a message is transmitted to a target
o Decoding by the Receiver:
Receiver: The organization or individual that intercepts and interprets the message
Decoding: The process by which a receiver assigns meaning to the message
o Noise: Anything that interferes with effective communication
o Feedback: Receivers reactions to the message
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