MGMT1021 Chapter Notes - Chapter Ch . 8: Ethnocentrism, Group Cohesiveness

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5 Dec 2016

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Chapter 8 OB Notes: Conflict and Negotiation
A process in which one part perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively
affected by another party
o Conflict has both positive and negative outcomes
Functional Conflict- Serves organizations interests
Dysfunctional Conflict- threatens organizations interests
Desired Outcomes of Conflict
o Agreement
o Stronger Relationships
o Learning
Major Forms of Conflict
Personality Conflicts- interpersonal opposition driven by personal dislike or
o Can stem from Workplace Incivility (the use of uncivil words such as racial, ethnic
slurs or sexually offensive remarks)
leads to decrease work effort, productivity and performance, even
Break this cycle with a culture placing high value on RESPECT
o Discrimination and sexual harassment can grow out of these conflicts,
o can lead to workplace aggression and violence
Tips for Personality Conflict
o Employee w this conflict : communicate directly with other person to resolve
o Third party osee: do’t take sides, efe to supeisos
o Managers w employees having conflict : investigate and document, take
corrective action, refer to human resources
Intergroup Conflict
o Among groups , teams, and departments who experience group cohesiveness
o Can be bad also leads to group think for ex
“teeotype othe goups to e alike
See themselves as positively and morally correct and others as not
View outsiders as a threat
Exaggerate differences between them and other groups
This is a form of ethnocentrism
Reduce this with Contact Hypothesis:
The more members of different groups interact, the less
intergroup conflict
o Reduces stereotyping
A single personality may by the root for entire intergroup
Occurs when:
1. Conflict within group is high
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