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PSUPSYCH 100N/ ASpring

PSYCH 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Grug, Experimental Psychology, Research

OC2438796 Page
7 Feb 2014
Theory- a scientific theory is a logical explanation for all the relevant data or facts scientists have observed regarding certain natural phenomena: m
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PSUPSYCH 100N/ ASpring

PSYCH 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Circadian Rhythm

OC2438795 Page
5 Feb 2014
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PSUPSYCH 100N/ ASpring

PSYCH 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Reticular Formation, Sympathetic Nervous System, Somatic Nervous System

OC2438793 Page
11 Mar 2014
Chapter 2 study guide: the synaptic vesicles of the terminal buttons contain: While the surgeon is probing around his cotex, ronnie reports feeling a t
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PSUPSYCH 100Cardenas RodrigoFall

PSYCH 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Hindsight Bias, Confounding, Positive Psychology

OC11159025 Page
27 Sep 2016
Module 1- psychology: first laboratory (in germany) December 1979 @ university of leipzig: 2 men help wilhelm wundt, a middle aged professor, create an
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PSUPSYCH 100Jeff LoveSpring

PSYCH 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Spindle, Short-Term Memory

OC10863504 Page
10 Aug 2016
Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. Describe the head versus heart debate including where you"d place each of the following histo
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PSUPSYCH 212AllSpring

Chapter 1 History, Theory, and Research Strategies (got best grade in class)

OC3136536 Page
9 Mar 2012
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PSUPSYCH 100CrosbySpring

PSYCH 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Sigmund Freud, Behavioral Neuroscience, Max Wertheimer

OC2416907 Page
5 Feb 2014
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PSUPSYCH 100HFrederick BrownFall

PSYCH 100H Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Inductive Reasoning, Creativity

OC14643263 Page
22 Jan 2017
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PSUPSYCH 221Joshua Goodwin, K A R E N G A S P E RFall

PSYCH 221 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Normative Social Influence, Social Proof, Controlled Burn

OC11218382 Page
28 Jan 2017
Prologue: sexual abuse hoax in restaurants across the country, question of why people agree to things said by some figure with importance. In the us: i
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PSUPSYCH 221Gasper KarenFall

PSYCH 221 Chapter 12: PSYCH 221 - Chapter 12

OC4935443 Page
7 Nov 2016
Aggression: behavior intended to cause physical or psychological harm to another. Hostile aggression: stemming from feelings of anger and intended to c
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PSUPSYCH 221Gasper KarenFall

PSYCH 221 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Group Polarization, Social Dilemma, Social Loafing

OC4935443 Page
19 Oct 2016
Psych 221 chapter 9 group processes. Group: two or more people that are interdependent (needs and goals cause them to influence one another) Want to fe
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PSUPSYCH 243Frederick BrownFall

PSYCH 243 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Pleistocene, Muscle Tone, Muscle Atrophy

OC4935446 Page
20 Sep 2016
Psych 243 chapter 4 exercising and sleeping. Alzheimer"s/parkinson"s: mentally: assists in rapid learning, control of nonessential hyperactivity, and b
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