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Lecture 44

DST 614 Lecture 44: Year 1 RDAT_2015 Roy Daily Assessment Tool - Blank_FINAL_June 2, 2015

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Disability Studies
DST 614

Student Name: Roy Daily Assessment Tool Date: Patient Profile Data Gender: Date of Hospitalization: Age: Code Status: CPR or no CPR Allergies: Date of Surgery (if applicable) Level of Education and Occupation: Allergy Precautions in place Religious andor cultural considerations: Purpose of Admission Goal(s ) of Treatment: Primary Medical andor Surgical Diagnosis(briefly explain) Surgery or invasive procedures while in hospital (briefly explain): Past Medical Hx comorbid Health Problems Complications Treatments and Procedures; Nursing Interventions from Kardexcare planpathway (include Isolation Precautions and Safety Precautions): Clients illness experience and perception of reason for Collaborative Care (PT, OT, SLP, Chaplaincy) hospitalization and concerns (Patient narrative): Roy Mode Assessment SELF CONCEPT MODE: Level 1 Assessment Level 2 Assessment (cause of (compare to norms) abnormalineffective data) and nursing diagnosis Physical Self: Body Sensation: Physical feeling, sensations Body Image: Clients appraisal and feelings about own appearance Clients appearance, posture, use of eye contact, affect Clients appraisal of physical attributes, sexuality, healthillness state Personal Self: Selfconsistency: Clients response to life situations,
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