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lecture 4

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Andrew Du Bois

Lecture 4 2109Wednesday September 21 2011907 AMOne whom some were certainly following was one who was completely charming One whom some were certainly following was one who was charming One whom some were following was one who was completely charming Lectures in Americacertainly One whom some werefollowing was one who was completely charming What difference does it mean to take words out or move certainly to the end of the sentence Strangely building up meaning Gertrude Stein An American who moved to Paris France for most of her writing She went to Radcliff the Harvard school for womenShe went to school with Henry James brother WilliamAuthor of pragmatism you do whatever worksWrote about religious experiences She was one of his favourite students her answer to his difficult questions was its too pretty outside to write this philosophy exam Went to John Hopkins studies of attention Experiments on students who were too tired after studying exams Throwing a lot of info at them while having things swinging from the ceilingStudying how that info entered their writingRepetition was important to her Breaking down the boundaries between poetry and pros One of the first to do pros poetryDescribing how important the process of writing from Saysan was in creating a composition She was a big collector of art and she wrote in a very artistic People will become the painting PicassoHe did a painting of her and
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