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Lecture 1 - Summer 2011

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Michelle Hilscher

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PSYC18 Psychology of Emotion Lecture 1:
Tentative Midterm date = June 22 Wednesday
Emotions in Life: A bit of patchwork quilt
- Experience emotions all the time, in everyday life
- Ex: Movies, Fear of the unknown = Jaws, Blair Witch Project, Happiness, Comedy,
Emotion and Aesthetic Experiences: Emotion and Logical Reasoning
- Style of paintings t abstract, subjective experience
- Emotions are needed to make good decisions in life
- Has it been discussed and experienced throughout time
Evolutionary Perspectives
- Polar opposite to socio-cultural perspectives
Socio-cultural Perspectives
- Culturally determined
Expression of Emotions
- Is it culturally determined?
Emotions and the Body
- Mind-body connect
Emotions, the Brain, and Cognition
- Moods and types of thinking
Emotions and Development
- Do emotions change
Emotions and Social Relationships
- Rely on other people to feel = pity, guilt
Emotions and Mental Health
A Short History of Emotions: Different questions addressed by historians:
1. Always emotions? t have people always felt it?
2. Nature of the phenomenon t experience? does sadness we feel now = sadness they felt in the past
3. Explanations t Have explanations we used to explain emotions changed over time?
To address # 1 (always emotions?):
- Look at myths and old writings.
a. The Epic of Gilgamesh t loneliness, love, revenge
b. The Iliad -
c. Confucius & Mencius t bull feels fear
d. Greek mythology t- the gods represent OR control emotions
- Olympian Gods are very emotional = Aries - anger hatred, war, Athena t desire to protect others,
Dianesis = ecstasy, wine, dance etc, Jealously and Pride
- µ]v}vYnot emotional, very rational and logical, order
- What religion to follow?
- vv}vY social class
- Olympian (higher class, have means for luxury) vs. Orphic mystery (lower class)
- Be emotional, live your life there is no afterlife, indulge in luxury
- Work hard, do not feel emotions, take you away from living a good life, will not go to afterlife
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