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Joe Hermer

I found this advertisement for Simon G diamonds in the Harpers Bazaar November 2010issue The magazine is addressed to young fashionable women who wish to stay on top of the latest trends and expensive musthaves for the season The magazine overflows with beauty and health tips celebrity gossip and events top fashion trends hairstyles shopping lists and pretty much anything that attracts the average fashion savvy woman So clearly the audience is geared towards women of any age specifically young to middleaged women who have a strong interest in current fashion issues and seasonal necessities As many images can be read or interpreted on many levels of meaning two particular ones I would like to draw attention to are the denotative and connotative meaningsThe advertisements denotative interpretation is of a simple literal meaning The image consists of a piece of jewellery more specifically a silver coloured ring with a few stones on a brown rocklike surface with a tag that reads Women dont care if its paper or scissors Rock always winsSimon G The connotative meaning behind this simple image is of greater value to its audience The
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