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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Lin Ying Dong

Exam Name MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1 The MICROS system used by Johnnys Lunch to captures sales transaction data and help monitor inventory control waste and adhere to government regulations is best categorized as an 1 A CRM B TPS C KMS D ESS2 You have been hired by a nonprofit agency to implement a system to handle their donations Event fundraisers need to be able to quickly access a donors information and history The marketing department needs to be able to create customized mailing lists in order to send different messages to different types of donors What system will best meet these needs 2 A TPS B TPS with ESS capabilitiesC TPS with MIS capabilities D TPS with DSS capabilities3 are the computertocomputer exchange of messages 3 A Social Networking B Virtual worldsC Email D Wikis4 Which type of system would you use to determine the five suppliers with the worst record in delivering goods on time 4 A DSS B TPS C ESS D MIS5 You manage the IT department at a small start up Internet advertiser You need to set up an inexpensive system that allows customers to see realtime statistics such as views and clickthroughs about their current banner ads Which type of system will most efficiently provide a solution 5 A extranet B enterprise systemC CRM D intranet6 Helen is the head of a cosmetic distributorThey have over 300 accounts across CanadaHelen is tasked with scanning both the internal and external environment of the businessHelen then helps to determine overall strategies the company will pursueWhat type of information system will Helen use to help her with her task 6 A MIS B DSS C TPS D ESS7 Ansystem collects data from various key business processes and stores the data in a single comprehensive data repository usable by other parts of the business 7 A automatic reporting B enterpriseC transaction D management information8 Richard has started a new food businessHe will have about 300 customers per day and receive supplies from 50 suppliers per month In order to keep track of all of these various business transactions he needs a systemWhat kind of system should Richard install 8 A TPS B crossfunctionalC MIS D DSS9 Thehelps design programs and systems to find new sources of knowledge or to make better use of existing knowledge in organizational and management processes9 A CKO B CPO C CSO D CTO10 The advantage of a having a centralized information services department that operates as a separate department similar to other departments is that 10 A this is more likely to produce more compatible systems and more coherent longterm systems development plansB systems are built that can function independently and more efficientlyC systems are built that directly address that functions business needsD this lowers costs of technology purchases11are designed to support organizationwide process coordination and integration 11 A Management information systems B Decisionsupport systemsC CRM systems D Enterprise applications12 Which type of system would you use to determine what trends in your suppliers industry will affect your firm the most in five years 12 A MIS B DSS C TPS D ESS13 Buying or selling goods over the Internet is called 13 A ebusiness B ecommerce C an extranet D an intranet14 To monitor the status of internal operations and the firms relations with the external environment managers needsystems 14 A management information B knowledgeC decisionsupport D transaction processing15 You have been hired by Inspiration Inc to help improve their profit margin Inspiration Inc is a business communications consultancy that services many clients in different industries throughout the United States The end products of the company are customized recommendations for the best use of a clients existing resources for improving internal communications typically delivered via documentation in different media The company has approximately 100 consultants all of whom are located in their central headquarters in Chicago What system do you recommend to improve the companys business processes and increase their profit margin 15 A KMS for minimizing redundant work on similar clientsB CRM to maintain easily accessible customer records to minimize the time spent looking for client dataC marketing system for improving sales levelsD Extranet to enable quick collaboration over the Internetminimize the time spent communicating with the client and minimize the amount of paperwork needed
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