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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Lin Ying Dong

Exam Name MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1 Food Inc operates a website for their firmThey ask visitors to the website to give information such as name email address DOB etcFood Inc has found that they can sell this information to outside marketing groups for a lot of moneyThey are in the process of deciding if they should sell their customers informationThe moral dimension best described by this scenario is1 A information rights and obligations B accountability and controlC property rights and obligations D quality of life2 Right nowis the only province with privacy laws for the private sector that meet European Union standards2 A QuebecB Ontario C Alberta D Nova Scotia3 Mary telecommutes with her head office in downtown TorontoShe finds that she is working longer hours at home than she did at the officeHer work day starts as soon as she gets out of bed as she checks her emal and responds to itShe is also finding that she stays on the computer long after supper in the evening as she ties up loose ends from the previous days workThe moral dimension best described by this scenario is3 A quality of life B property rights and obligationsC information rights and obligations D accountability and control4 A colleague of yours frequently takes for his own personal use small amounts of office supplies noting that the loss to the company is minimal You counter that if everyone were to take the office supplies the loss would no longer be minimal Your rationale expresses which historical ethical principle 4 A The Risk Aversion Principle B Kants Categorical ImperativeC The No free lunch rule D The Golden Rule5 Mary has found a way to get access to her schools grading databaseShe determines that she can change her own grades to a higher level without getting caughtShe decides not to because she feels she wouldnt want someone to access her information and change things without permission so she wont do that to othersThe ethical principle best described by this scenario is5 A the golden ruleB the utilitarian principleC the risk aversion principleD the Immanuel Kants categorical imperative6 One of the difficulties of patent protection is 6 A that only the underlying ideas are protectedB preventing the ideas from falling into public domainC digital media cannot be patentedD the years of waiting to receive it7 Accepting the potential costs duties and obligations for the decisions you make is referred to as 7 A responsibility B due process C liability D accountability8 The process in lawgoverned societies in which laws are known and understood and there is an ability to appeal to higher authorities to ensure that the laws are applied correctly is called 8 A accountability B due processC liability D the courts of appeal9 Immanuel Kants Categorical Imperative states that 9 A one should take the action that produces the least harm or incurs the least costB if an action cannot be taken repeatedly then it is not right to be taken at any timeC if an action is not right for everyone to take it is not right for anyone to takeD one can put values in rank order and understand the consequences of various courses of action10 Which of the following is not one of the five steps discussed in the chapter as a process for analyzing an ethical issue10 A identify the options you can reasonably takeB identify the stakeholdersC identify and clearly describe the factsD assign responsibility11 The use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individuals is called 11 A spamming B profiling C targeting D phishing12are not held liable for the messages they transmit12 A Regulated common carriers B Private individualsC Elected officials D Organizations and businesses13 The feature of social institutions that means mechanisms are in place to determine responsibility for an action is called 13 A the judicial system B the courts of appealC due process D accountability14 What legal mechanism protects the owners of intellectual property from having their work copied by others14 A patent protection B intellectual property lawC Fair Use Doctrine D copyright law15 P3P stands for 15 A Personal Privacy Policy B Platform for Privacy PreferencesC Personal Privacy Protection D Privacy for Personal Protection16 The P3P standard is concerned with 16 A controlling popup ads based on user profiles and preventing ads from collecting or sending
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