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Craig Kuziemsky

Text Unstructured data and an asset that can be managed Text mining Consists of powering software tools to discover and extract knowledge from text documents these tools can integrate textbased information with structured data and predictive analytics for better answers to complex questionsAssetsResources with recognized value that are under control of an individual or organization Data managementData text and document management Database Data warehouse Data repositoryDatabasesstore enterprise data that a companys business applications create or generate such as sales accounting and employee dataData warehouse Specialized type of database that aggregates data from transaction databases so it can be analyzed Dirty data Poor quality data lacks integrity and cannot be trustedData ManagementStructure approach for capturing strogin processing integrating creating and archiving data effectively throughout its cycle Life cycle Defines the way data travels through an organization through data capturing or creation for exampleData visualization Refers to presenting data in ways that are faster and easier for users to understandEnterprise portalsAre a set of software applications that consolidate manage analyze and transmit data to user through Webbased interface
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