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University of Ottawa
William Ogilvie

CHM 1321A Mid Term 2 Version A Answers1Name the following compounds 6 points aZ2methyloct3eneBrE5bromoocta15dieneb 2aCompare the two hydrogens shown in this compound and circle the one that is more acidic 1 point HH a Draw the two possible conjugate bases 2 points 11 b For your answer above identify which of the conjugate bases is more stable and briefly justify your answer 4 points 1resonance is possible with the compound on the leftHHresonance stabilizes conjugate bases by spreading out the charge3 3a Compare the two leaving groups shown in this compound and circle the one that is better 1 point ClI b Justify your answer for part a 4 pointsIodine is lower on the periodic table than ClIodine is larger than chlorineIodine can spread the negative charge over a larger volume than Cl canDispersing the negative charge will lower then energy of I relative toCl and makes I better leaving groupmechanism for this transformation 13 points 4 Write a detailedSOH24CHOHOOH714 1111H11HOOOHHOHOOH2H111111 6 membered ringS2N11 Mes correctO21
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