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LIT 211D

Heather BrownBrown 1 LIT 211D 21770The Individual and SocietyPaper 1 Professor Power 24 February 2013 Selfimage is generated either be what one wants to see or what society wants one to seeFranz Kafka presents the reader with ways that characters deal with change in their lives that they cannot controlOften these characters feel trapped confused frustrated defeated disconnected rejected and lack understanding of the surreal world around themThis is displayed in his works of The Trial The Metamorphosis The Penal Colony and The Hunger ArtistThe world of our parents was a TV world a window that they could see into but could not connect back to themThey did not have the internet like we do today that of which provides a mirror view of selfimageWith a window they only see outward to what society wants the individual to beIn a mirror world the internet lets us connect with one another at rapid paceIt allows anybody to put out ideas and messages in ways to be interrupted and discussedThe perceptions of others can become ones perception of themselves In The Hunger Artist it is statedthe artists equally incomprehensible boast that he could fast for much longer than he was doing The Hunger Artist 4 The Artist could never fulfill his desire he was always left wanting more He sublimates emotional or spiritual starvation with physical starvation He strives for something that he can comprehend into fulfillment and becomes insatiableHis inability to express his struggle is similar to Gregor in
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