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Review questions chapter 6Peer groups1What is a peer group What is age segregation 2What is age grading When did age grading become common why thenth3What was the composition of the peer group in the 19 century What is it now4What changes in the workplace are related to the rise of adolescent peer groups5Explain what the baby boom had to do with the rise of adolescent peer groups6How do time spent with peers as opposed to with family or alone change with adolescence over preadolescence Is it different for girls and boys 7What are cliques and what are crowds How do they differ How does the structure of cliques and crowds change over time8What is gained by plotting crowds as a function of involvement9Explain how crowds serve as reference groups10What is the relationship between the status of the crowd and the selfesteem of an adolescent in that crowd11How does ethnicity affect crowd formation12In what four ways are clique members generally similar13What are thought to be the reasons for age segregation in cliques14What are the reasons mentioned in class for sex segregation in cliques15Discuss the common interests among friends that lead to clique forma
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