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Chapter 6

Human Resources Management Chapter 6

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Human Resources
MHR 523
Kristyn Scott

Chapter 6 notes THE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF RECRUITMENT -recruitment: the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes and/or completed application forms are received from an adequate number of applicants -recruiter: a specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find and attract capable candidates EMPLOYER BRANDING -employer branding: the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the benefits of being employed by the organization -steps: 1) define the target audience, where to find them, and what they want from an employer 2) develop the employee value proposition- the specific reasons why the organization is a unique place to work and a more attractive employer for the target audience compared to other organizations 3) communicate the brand by incorporating the value proposition into all recruitment efforts THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS 1) Identify job openings -HR planning/strategic plan -employee resignations/terminations 2) Specify job requirements -from job description/job specification 3) Select methods of recruitments -internal/external 4) Generate pool of qualified applicants -recruiter must be aware of constraints affecting recruitment process RECRUITING WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION -advantages: safer promote from within, personal levels, less orientation -]ZÀLš2Z9]K‰o}ÇZ}L[š2šE}7šZÇKÇo]Z}Œ]Lš8ÁZšš]K7]šZÇoŒÇlL}Á who they intend on hiring; employees may not be able to accept a new boss from within the organization -job posting: the process of notifying current employees about vacant positions -human resource records -skills inventories LIMITATIONS OF RECRUITING FROM WITHIN www.notesolution.com -hiring someone from outside may be preferable in order to acquire the latest knowledge and expertise or gain new ideas and revitalize the department or organization RECRUITMENT OUTSIDE THE ORGANIZATION -advantages: larger pool of qualified applicants; diverse applicant pool; acquisition of skills or knowledge not available from within; elimination of rivalry and competition from employees within the organizations; potential cost savings PLANNING EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT -yield ratio: the percentage of applicants that proceed to the next stage of the selection process -time-lapse data: the average number of days from when the company initiates a recruitment method to when the successful candidate begins to work EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT METHODS -online recruiting -internet job boards -corporate web
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