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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Human Resources
MHR 733
Rupa Banerjee

Chapter 6 Offthejob Training Methods 1 Lecture training method in which the trainer organizes the content to be learned and presents it orally with little trainee involvement 2 Discussion allows two way communication between the trainer and trainees as well as among traineesFive purposes o Helps members recognize what they do not know but should o Opportunity for members to get answers to questions o Allows members to get advice on concerns o Allows sharing ideas and deriving a common wisdom o Way to learn about one another 3 Audio visual methods various forms of media that are used to illustrate key points or demonstrate certain actions or behaviours 4 Case study trainees discuss analyze and solve problems based on real situationObjectives o Introduce realism into learning o Deal with variety of problems goals facts conditions and conflicts o Teach how to make decisions o Teach creativity think independentlyRequirements o Studentsteachers must have qualifications to analyze material o Appropriate time must be provided o Atmosphere must be supportiveStylesMethods o Single problem vs multiple situations o Written audiovisual live caseoperational consulting 5 Case incident one problem or issue is presented for analysis 6 Behavior modeling trainees observe a model performing a task and then attempt to imitate the observed behaviorBased on four learning principles Observation rehearsal reinforcement transfer 7 Role play trainees practice newly learned skills in a safe environmentThree phases development enactment debriefingVarious forms of role plays exist a Debriefing should take 23X longer than enactment b In your groups design a role play of a work related situation c Be clear about the purpose of the role play and what the role players are expected to learn from it 8 Games activities characterized by structured competition that allow employees to learn specific skills 9 Simulations operating models of physical or social events designed to represent reality 10 Action learning trainees accept the challenge of studying and solving real world problems and accept responsibility for the solution
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