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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Communication

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Management (MGH)
Joanna Heathcote

Chapter 10Communication What is CommunicationCommunicationthe process by which information is exchanged between a sender and a receiverSender must encode their thoughts into some form that can be transmitted to the receiverReceiver must perceive the message and accurately decode it to achieve accurate understandingFeedback involves communicating again telling the original sender that the receiver has received and understood the messageEffective communicationthe right people receive the right information in a timely mannerBasics of Organizational CommunicationCommunication by Strict Chain of CommandChain of commandlines of authority and formal reporting relationshipUnder this system three necessary forms of communication can be accomplishedDownward communicationinfo that flows from the top of the org toward the bottomie VP to plant manger to supervisors to production workersupward communicationinfo that flows from bottom of the org toward the topie chemical engineer to RD manager to VPhorizontal communicationinfo that flows between departments or functional units usually as a means of coordinating effortie info would flow up and down from a common managerdirectives and instructions pass downward ideas and suggestions pass upwardDeficiencies in the Chain of Commandinformal communicationie grapevine filteringtendency for a message to be watered down or stopped during transmissionupward filtering occurs bc employees afraid that their boss will use info against themdownward filtering occurs due to time pressure or lack of attention to detailpotential for filtering increase with the number of links in the communication chainopen door policythe opportunity for employees to communicate directly with a manager without going through the chain of commandpolicy decrease upward filtering of sensitive infoto prevent downward filtering org attempt to communicate directly with potential receives bypassing the chain of commandslownessslower for horizontal communication between departmentsManagerEmployee Communicationone to one exchange of info between boss and employeeenable boss to instruct employee in proper task performance clarify reward contingencies and provide social emotional supportHow good is manageremployee communicationperceptual differences on how worker allocate time time taken to learn job importance of pay amount of authority skills and abilities performance and manager leadership style suggest lack of openness in communication contributes to role conflict ambiguity and lower employee job satisfactionBarriers to Effective ManagerEmployee Communication1
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