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Chapter 1

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Management (MGH)
Brian Connelly

February 27, 2011 8:43 PM W1: Ch1 WhatAreOrganizations? Organization: Social invention for accomplishing common goals through group effort Pg1. Behaviours OB is about understanding people and managing them to work effectively for survival OB is concerned with how organizations can survive and adapt to change OB is concerned with how to get people to practise effective teamwork WhatIsOrganizationalBehaviour? OB is interest- and it makes a Organizational Behaviour: The attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations difference. The main factor that differentiates organizations is their workforce or human capital, and the most Effective man- successful organizations are those that effectively manage their employees. The goal of organiza- people allows organizations totional behaviour is to predict, explain and manage organizational behaviour. sustain a com- petitive advan- tage EarlyPrescripti
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